Meenakshi Aggarwal, a 32-year-old woman, struggled to lose her post-pregnancy weight due to the demands of motherhood and her professional life. However, after her best friend persuaded her to join a gym, she managed to lose five kilograms in just one month. Meenakshi admitted that finding time for herself was challenging, and she often felt lazy. Yet, the guilt of gaining weight pushed her to be more consistent in her gym visits. Meenakshi attributed her success to her friend’s support and motivation, stating that she occasionally skipped sessions but still achieved incredible results.

Fitness trainer Aashu highlighted the benefits of group workouts, emphasizing the consistency they bring to one’s fitness routine. Aashu stated that when someone feels too lazy to exercise, their friends can motivate them, and vice versa. Whether it’s cross-training, pilates, spinning, or a regular workout, group activities not only provide motivation but also push individuals beyond their limits. Aashu also mentioned the importance of training with a partner, as it intensifies the workout and fosters friendly competition.

Shot of a fitness group working out at the gym

However, there are some drawbacks to group workouts. Aashu warned that individuals can become dependent on their partners, meaning that if one partner skips a class, the other may also be less motivated to attend. Additionally, some people may spend more time talking than exercising during group workouts, resulting in a slower exercise regime. Fitness expert Sheru Angrish advised taking short breaks between sets to keep the blood pumping into the muscles and prevent the body from becoming too comfortable.

If you are still struggling to lose weight, blame it on your friends, according to researchers at Radboud University. They found that the amount of food one eats is influenced by the people they eat with. The study revealed that women participants were more likely to eat a similar amount and at the same pace as their companions. However, clinical psychologist Dr. Pulkit Sharma disputed this claim, suggesting that this behavior may be more related to individual personality traits rather than herd mentality. Sharma emphasized the importance of making smart eating choices and setting personal boundaries.

In conclusion, Meenakshi’s success in losing weight through group workouts highlights the benefits of exercising with friends. However, individuals must be cautious not to become overly reliant on their partners and to maintain an active exercise regime. Additionally, maintaining healthy eating habits and making informed choices can contribute to one’s weight loss journey.

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