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Fitsocial is an online fitness training platform with groundbreaking fitness innovation ideas. We dare to step further to provide a variety of fitness training programs to our customers with highly professional trainers virtually. Fitsocial cheers every single worthy trainer and all people who crave for fitness to experience the new age fitness programs digitally.

We love everything that is related to fitness and our love made it all possible to create the best online fitness training center. We even adore people who are excited about fitness. Hence we provide every requisite you need for starting your fitness journey with us. Serving you with right from superlative fitness & sports trainers, live fitness training programs, pro tips to optimal customer support is what our passion is.

Last but not least, we are proud to say Fitsocial is a new luxury available at affordable costs to every fitness aspirant.

Dreaming for a super-fit world where everybody is a superhero! We have taken our step forward through our dream online fitness platform while empowering our trainers, fitness cravers, it's your turn now!



Online Running Training

Run to chase your fitness goals! But are Run to chase your fitness goals! But are you sure you’ve taken the right direction?


Online Cycling Training

To keep your balance, you must move. The best way to keep moving with some fun and fire is cycling


Online Swimming Training

Swimming is a fun body workout to keep it fit and healthy. It provides numerous health benefits entertaining you at the same time.


Online Crossfit Training Classes

Do you love thrillers and suspense? Then believe us you are going to enjoy the Crossfit sessions just as a kid who landed in Disneyland for the first time.


Online Power Yoga Training Classes

Your every breath is important, every quality breath. You can achieve it through Yoga and lead a super-quality life with Yoga.


Online Zumba Dance Classes

Sweat is not just the excess water in your body, but the effort you put to reach your fitness goals. Yes, sweat is the effort that can cut your fat gradually.


Best Online Pilates Classes

It feels great when you have control over your mind, muscles and body, right? Pilates, also known as Contrology is the best exercise form that helps.


kickboxing classes near me

Kickboxing is not only a self-defense strategy but also an effective way to gain fitness. You are not just moving your legs and arms

Dance Fitness

dance classes fitness

Did you notice the energy of dancers even when they are not dancing? Well, that’s because of the strength they gained through dancing.

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We, together with our professional trainers and renowned service providers are known as Fitsocial. As empowerment of talented fitness experts is our mission, we took a pledge to deliver outstanding services to trainers while they make our people fit and happy. We manage to reduce the job of trainers by taking care of Personal ERP. Hence our trainers can focus completely on the trainees and their performance to help them become super fit and cheery. Our Personal ERP management makes you relaxed as we started to take up the most important things like managing trainees, and monthly payments. We will be soon managing your leads as we did earlier since we are currently focussing on other central things for you.

Our limitations are beyond the traditional fitness programs. Hence our doors are always open for Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Dance, Running, Swimming, Meditation, Cycling, Crossfit, Kickboxing and any Sports trainers to join our network. We welcome the talented and expertise for a long-lasting relationship, as our last day would be always tomorrow. With us, you are always going to be upgraded, but not faded.

While every step we take along with our fitness experts is towards enlighting the people with health, fitness and joy, our trainers work hard to make every individual strong enough to reach their fitness goals.